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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pink Pink Pink

I have not been very faithful with blogging lately. Well when have I!!
I admit I have not been sewing much either.
I am in the middle of a Turkey wall hanging, 3 quilts and I now have another quilt I will start
at my Friday night sew. I must say one thing that has me busy, is my Jan Patek applique quilt.
OK, Jan ....you are kicking my butt. Yes, you have challenged me.

Here is an update in a nutshell.

1) Moving, Stuff is everywhere.
2) Start up of a new Quilt Guild, not too much time but it all adds up
3) I am between homes and going out with friends is fun, ah the life of
    a wantabee party girls is crazy!
4) Donation and volunteer time is a good way to share yourself
5) Did I say moving, I can not believe how much fabric/ sewing stuff I have
    I need a sewing room, a big sewing room. Is it bad when you have more
    fabric boxs then clothing boxes and where do I store all my sewing machines.
6) Work, why does the 8-5 job take up most of my day
7) Friends, I love my friends, some day they will all have one of my quilts.
8) I have a new grand daughter "Matilda", I finally was able to take her the
    baby quilt I made her.
9) I have finished all quilts for my grand daughters. Boy they should be warm this
     winter. I love my girls, can't blog and play at the same time.
10) I am utilizing my lunch hour a few days a week to applique, who does that?

Maybe I just need to make sure I update my quilting once a week.
I promise to post picture soon

Happy quilting

Below is a Donation quilt (picture is the quilt top) For the Northland Pet Pantry.
Which Jennifer won.

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