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The more I learn about quilting, the more I like it. I grew up in Southern California but have lived in Missouri a bit longer now. Mother of two young men Grandmother to adorable girls.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh My Passwords- What did I do?

You know those passwords, the secret codes that rule our lives. I can never remember all of them.I have too many. So I tried to simplify mine and place them in a secret place. Well, I deleted all of them. Now I am a mess!

I need to re-establish my log on's of the trillion notes that tell me what those all so sophisticated   word-wise uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. I will have to re-apply for some passwords and pull from notes on others. It is all about what was going on in my life to give me hints on the requests to apply for new password. I know I can do this, it just is a huge bummer in my life.

Why do I have to be so quick to push buttons, did I really just clear all my info off the screen forever. Sadly, Yes!