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The more I learn about quilting, the more I like it. I grew up in Southern California but have lived in Missouri a bit longer now. Mother of two young men Grandmother to adorable girls.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I need sewing time, Please!!!

I find that working 5-6 days a week, just cuts into my sewing time. So I have made a deal with myself to sew on certain nights. I believe if I stick to my plan I will have time to finish project and start a few fun ones too.
I do not know how the ladies in my quilt guild work and have time to sew as many things as they do.
I can say I still am working on my Jan Patek applique quilt, working in stitches on my lunch hour. I see myself completed with it by 2015 at the rate I am going. Well that works for me!!

I can not believe 2010 is almost away and I will have a new year of quilting. UFO's here I come.....

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  1. Sew my sewing plan is not working out so well.