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The more I learn about quilting, the more I like it. I grew up in Southern California but have lived in Missouri a bit longer now. Mother of two young men Grandmother to adorable girls.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Holidays

Table runners will be set on the table with care, in hopes of platters of cookies or goodies to soon be there.
I will be making my kids favorite Christmas treats this upcoming week. During this time of year, it seems I am always running around and on the go. I want to make a few gifts and treats to share with my family.
So, I am making peanut butter balls, sugar cookies and fudge.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh My Passwords- What did I do?

You know those passwords, the secret codes that rule our lives. I can never remember all of them.I have too many. So I tried to simplify mine and place them in a secret place. Well, I deleted all of them. Now I am a mess!

I need to re-establish my log on's of the trillion notes that tell me what those all so sophisticated   word-wise uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. I will have to re-apply for some passwords and pull from notes on others. It is all about what was going on in my life to give me hints on the requests to apply for new password. I know I can do this, it just is a huge bummer in my life.

Why do I have to be so quick to push buttons, did I really just clear all my info off the screen forever. Sadly, Yes!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Off for a weekend of sewing and friendships.

I have a sew group I call my PCMO Sew and Sews, I have been so blessed to be invited to join this group. We get together in the Spring and Fall. I have shared one of my favorite patterns. I have made and shared a few projects with this group, some completed, quite a few still UFO’s. We lean towards just having a great time together.  I find it especially cool that I have seen my friend Nicole blossom into a wonderful quilter. She has enjoyed learning and building on her quilting skills.

I like the getaway this time. For our Fall 2014 date, we have been invited to Galva, KS and will enjoy the home of one of our sew and sews. A short travel but a fun weekend to come.

I am ready to get my sew on!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quilting 2013 / 2014

In this past year I have learned to become a long arm quilter. I work a fill time job and have the privileged to work part time at MSQC ( my local quilt shop) on Saturdays. I was asked if I would like to help through the holidays. Well, I am still quilting two nights a week and assist at the shop on Saturdays. I love it!