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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Instagram Junkie

I have become an Instagram junkie. I started back in July. I mostly did not have a clue how Instagram worked. I spoke with a friend who gave me a few pointers and I posted a picture. Then another, but then I learned to follow others. So, it took off. I have been adding several favorite bloggers, guild members, as well as a few friends and family. I found destash accounts and I purchased some cool fabric and thread. I even posted a few precuts I had and did a little destashing of my own.

I now am the proud owner of some OOP (out of print) fabric, a pattern and Aurfil thread kit,  all at a great price. Is this what Quilter to do? I will need to check out and view some more IG destash accounts. I may find a another great fabric while drooling over another post of the one that got away.

I really like Instagram. Viewing others talent, ideas, thoughts and picures is fun.

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