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Sunday, September 20, 2009

OK so I am a newbie....at blogging

I started this quilt(Brown & Pink) for my grand daughters, Kimberly's 1st birthday, I finished it on her birthday. I found the pattern on line on a blog by Crazy Mom Quilts and thought it would be easy, well trial and error aside, It turned out pretty darn cute. Kimberly will love it one day.

So the next quilt(Butterfly Fling & Bright colors)I made for my older grand daughter, Kirsten's, 3rd birthday, I improvised and enlarged the pattern by adding 6" strips to the side. I thought well I am on a roll. Ok, I am not and I probably will not make another quilt like this for a while.

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  1. I'm a new blogger, too. Hop over to my blog at www.PiecefulDays.SquareSpace.com and tell me what you think. I wish I could get more traffic, I think people stop by but don't leave a comment...I plan to offer a giveaway, that should help. I add to it almost every day. Anyway, I love your boxy quilts, the brown and pink and the multicolored one. I've just started doing the boxy type and coins and more modern designs and I must say I really think they fun! And, easier, I seem to get them done quicker and they really show off the fabrics.